Yu Hai


                Yu Hai is undoubtedly one of the greatest martial artists to make a career in film. While he is a master in many styles of martial arts, he is actually best known for his skill in Tang Lang Quan (Praying Mantis Fist). Yu Hai studied Qi Xing Tang Lang (Seven Stars Praying Mantis) under Lin Jing Shan, a student of Fan Xu Dong. He later went on to develop his own style of Tang Lang, Yu Hai Tang Lang, which is visible in contemporary wushu but shunned by traditional martial artists. He also served time as a bodyguard to Premier Zhou Enlai. Some of his best works includes the movies Shaolin Temple and Tai Chi II, and the TV series Tai Chi Master. He currently resides in Qingdao, a city in Shandong Province, China.