Chronology of Master Bruce's life

01. On November 27, 1940 in San Francisco, Lee Jun Fan was born in the Year of the Dragon at the Jackson St. Hospital in the Chinatown District of San Francisco. He was later named Bruce Lee. His father, Lee Hoi Chuen, a Cantonese Opera Company performer was in America touring at the time.

02. In 1941, Bruce and his parents return to their home in Kowloon of Hong Kong.

03. Bruce begins his professional screen debut in the movie, "Beginning of a Boy". He appears in 20 more films in Southeast Asia during his later years of childhood lastly being in the film, "The Orphan" at age 18.

04. In 1953, Bruce was involved in many street fights in Hong Kong. Because of this, he becomes a student of Sifu Yip Man, a master of Wing Chun Kungfu.

05. In 1958, Bruce, an expert dancer, is the victor of the Crown Colony Cha-Cha Championship in Hong Kong.

06. In 1959, Bruce is involved in more brawls in the streets resulting in police involvement. Bruce's parents decide that since Bruce has American citizenship, he should return to San Francisco.

07. After arriving in San Francisco in 1959, Bruce stays with an old friend of his father's working jobs around various Chinese Communities. After a while, Bruce moves to Seattle working for Ruby Chow, another friend of his father's. Bruce is living in a room above her restaurant while being a waiter downstairs. Later on, Bruce enrolls at Edison Technical School to earn his high school diploma. He also begins teaching kungfu is backyards and city parks.

08. In Oakland, 1964, after several months of teaching students, Bruce is challenged by a leading Gung Fu practinioner in the Chinatown Community. If Bruce were to lose the challenge, he was either to close his school or put an end to his teaching to non-Chinese. At that time, Chinese didn't accept teaching non-Chinese their martial arts. In the 1900's, the Boxer Rebellion were severely beaten by Western Forces. The Boxer Rebellion desired the Westeners to be expelled from China. The Western Forces punished this rebellion and gave beatings to the Chinese Army. Therefore, Chinese are reluctant to teach Westeners their martial arts. Bruce accepts this challenge and wins in only a couple of minutes. But Bruce was upset though on why the fight took longer than usual so he begins to re-evaluate his style. Thus, the early concepts of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) were born.

09. On August 2, 1964 in Long Beach,California, Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo invites Bruce for a demonstration at his first International Karate Championships. It just so happened that in the audience was Jay Sebring, the hair stylist for Batman producer William Dozier who is looking to cast a part in a TV series he was developing. Sebring feels that Bruce has potential in becoming a part of this TV series so a film of Bruce's demonstration was given to Dozier. Dozier is amazed at what Bruce can do so he asks Bruce to fly down to Los Angeles for a screen test.

10. In Los Angeles of 1970, Bruce injured his back while training. While he was injured, he starts to document his training methods and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do meaning, "Way of the intercepting Fist". After his death, "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do" was published by his wife Linda Lee.

11. In 1971, Bruce returns to Hong Kong to arrange for his mother to live in the U.S.. Bruce didn't know though that he had become a superstar in HK since "The Green Hornet" was one of the most popular TV shows there. Raymond Chow, owner of the new production company Golden Harvest Productions offered a leading role to Bruce in the movie "The Big Boss". Bruce accepts while being paid over $100 000.

12. In April of 1973, HK, the filming of "Enter the Dragon" was completed. This was Bruce's final film and his masterpiece.

13. On July 20, 1973, HK, Bruce Lee dies of an apparent cerebral edema (swelling of the brain) because of an allergic reaction to some headache pills. "Enter the Dragon" premieres a month later to much success.

14. On July 25, 1973, HK, Bruce's funeral ceremony was held for friends and fans with over 25 000 people attending. Bruce was in the Chinese outfit he wore in "Enter the Dragon". The funeral was filmed at part of the footage was shown as a clip in "Game of Death" when Bruce was Billy Lo and pretending to be dead.

15. On July 30, 1973, Seattle, a smaller second ceremony is held. Bruce Lee was buried as Lake View Cemetery. Among the pallbearers were his students, friends, and brother: Danny Inosanto, Taky Kimura, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, and brother Robert Lee.