Wado karate


            Wado karate is one of the four major styles of karate, founded in 1934/35 by Ohtsuka Hironori who was a student of Funakoshi Gichin and a master of Shindo Yoshin ryu ju-jutsu. Prof. Ohtsuka trained together with Ueyeshiba sensei the founder of Aikido, Choki Motobi, Konishi sensei and Funakoshi sensei
It was Ohtsuka sensei who started experimenting with Kumite because he considered Kata alone not enough. This eventually let to the departure of Ohtsuka
Wado is a fast style which stresses body movement to generate power instead of just using muscle power thus making it possible to evade and attack in the same time.
In Wado we see the more higher stances also found in Shurite type Okinawan karate as is the front kick to the side yokogeri in Pinan Kata. Typical for the Shindo Yoshin ryu influences are tantodori, todori and idoriwaza

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Hironori Ohtsuka
The Founder of Wado

The basic techniques like Tobi-komi zuki and Nagashi-zuki which are typical for Wado and show the relation between Wado and the classical Budo/Bujutsu like Ken-jutsu.

Kihon (basics) are done from a relaxed state only tensing the muscles on the moment of virtual contact, in this way faster techniques are possible. During punching this is supported by rotating the fist at the moment just prior to (virtual) contact.
Everything in Wado is directed at maximum efficiency therefore it is a linear style. In Wado one can explain scientifically by means of force vectors why something is done in a certain way