Master Sunil H Jayatissa

President & Chief Instructor


Black Dragon School


Colombo Road,


045 - 62717



            Our Chief Instructor, Mr. Sunil Jayatissa, was born in a small town in Kuruwita (Rathnapura District, in Sri Lanka) in 1963. At the tender age of 8, he started kicking his paces, studying and working out at various forms of Martial Arts which was popular at that time. During this Period, Martial Arts was only a form of business in Sri Lanka, so he decided to proceed to China to seek a purer form of the Martial Art “Wushu”.

In the year 1990, he was finally able to systematical study the art of Wushu under the guidance of an ‘A’Grade Chinese teacher “XIA MEI XIA”.


Photo of Master "Xia Mei Xia".


    At the passing out examination held at the end of his training , Mr Sunil Jayatissa was adjudged the best student and was highly recommended and acclaimed, as having the inborn talent to compete at International competitions by his Chinese teachers.


    In 1991 he returned to Sri Lanka and renamed his former Martial Arts Association as the “Sri Lanka Black Dragon Chinese Martial Arts Association”.


    After the reformation of his martial arts association Mr Sunil Jayatissa has accidentally met a true Master in Internal form of Matial Arts “Qi Gong”, Master Nasheed.

After the freshly gained knowledge from China, Mr Jayatissa has gone on to study QI Gong under the guidance of Master Nasheed.


    Mr Jayatissa has also mastered expertise in Yoga exercises and Meditation form training camps in India. Sunil Jayatissa is a quiet and unassuming person who has systematically mastered the finer points of Martial Arts both Internal and External.


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Master Sunil Jayatissa has undergone  training in People's Republic of China, Under the Psysical training committee of Huangshi, Hubei Province.



He has also undergone a Judging Course in International WUSHU competitions.

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