Wong Kai Ying

One of the 'Ten Tigers of Guangdong'


    He was born in Xiqiao in the county of Nanhai in Guangdong. When young, he earned a living performing acrobatics in the street. One day, while performing outside the residence of the general of Guangdong, he was noticed by Lu Acai (Luk Ah Choy), who appreciated his talent and took him on as a pupil. Luk Ah Choy was a junior classmate of Hoong Hei Khoon. Both of them were distinguished disciples of the Venerable Chee Seen, the First Patriarch of Southern Shaolin, at the southern Shaolin Monastery in Fujian province in south China. During ten years of training under Lu, he mastered the best of his sifu's skills.

He later became the martial arts instructor of the general of Guangdong's infantry regiment. His wages in the post were so meagre that he was forced to establish a herbal medicine dispensary on Jingyuan Street to support his family.

He passed his skills on to his son Huang Fei-Hong.