Fong Sai Yoke


                Fong Sai Yoke was often known as Len Chye Yoke, or Handsome Yoke. Fong Sai Yoke was an exception. He was a great kungfu fighter when he was only 15, killing a much feared expert called Tiger Loi. Tiger Lei was making insulting slogan "Hitting all Guangdong with a fist, and striking Suzhow and Hangzhow with a kick" was unbeaten for weeks, yet was defeated by Fong Sai Yoke.

Sai Yoke was was the third son of Miu Choi Fa a Lady KungFu master. Hi first Martial art training was from his mother. His mainstream training was from the Venerable Chee Seen, one of the five Shaolin Ancestors. He has also studied under another shaolin Lady master Ng Mui who is also one of the Five Shaolin Ancestors..

Fong Sai Yoke was one of the Ten Great Disciples of the Shaolin Monastery.