Hai Deng Fa Shi

Hoi Theng Fatt Si

                Hai Deng Fa Shi (Hoi Theng Fatt Si) was a Northern Shaolin master of the most recent times. Because of frequent illness when he was a child, he took up Shaolin Kungfu to improve his health. Later he became a monk. His specialties include the Shaolin arts of Two-Finger Zen and Plum-Flower Formation. For his martial art training, the Venerable Hai Deng literally stood vertically upside-down on two fingers for hours. His two fingers were so powerful that he could pierce through buffalo's hide with just one jab.

When a Japanese master mentioned that Shaolin Kungfu could no longer be found in China, the Venerable Hai Deng cme out from his self imposed retreat to demonstrate genuine Shaolin arts. He was invited to become the kungfu grandmaster at the Shaolin Monastery in Henan Province. Perhaps due to policy differences, the Venerable Hai Deng later resigned from the monastery, where today modern wushu rather than traditional Shaolin Kungfu is taught, though not inside the monastery itself but in the numerous wushu schools around the monastery and often conducted by monastery monks. One of Hai Deng Fa Shi's distinguished disciples is the great chi kung master, Yan Xin, considered by the present Chinese government as a national treasure.