Here is an awesome picture of Guro Dan Inosanto and Ajarn Chai Sirisute, two incredible teachers. 

       Traditional Ceremony & Dance done before every Muay Thai bout. Shows respect for their religion, family, and teacher. The dance that follow the ceremony is believed to seal the ring off from evil spirits.







Modern Muay Thai

Teep - "Foot Jab" AKA Front Kick - Targets legs, body, HEAD.

Dae - "Round Kick" - Targets inner & outer thighs, calves, body, head & neck.

Kao - "Knee" - Targets legs, body, & head.

Punching - Similar to Western Boxing.

Head Kick - Common Knockout

Sawk - "Elbow" - Targets head, body, arms & legs.




     Great pic that shows the old-style hand wraps worn in Muay Thai.

   Krabi Krabong - Double Sword